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Sunday, 13 November 2011 19:46

Jonas Åkerlund filming Madonna!

Written by Giampiero Fiorelli can reveal that Swedish director Jonas Åkerlund is filming Madonna. He was filming Madonna also last night at Roseland Ballroom in New York.


There was a humungous camera filming the Queen of Pop as you can see on the pic below. Åkerlund was there overlooking it. Madonna danced for it. Some parts were similar to her Celebration video.

For a few seconds Madonna kind of sashayed through the crowd of dancers and performed for the camera.


Jonas Åkerlund's crew came out for about 5 minutes. They fixed Madonna's hair and makeup in the back of the stage before it.


Jonas Åkerlund filming Madonna

SIA was working on some tracks for Madonna's forthcoming album, but at the end none of her song made it on the record she confessed twitting to her fans.


"To answer your questions, none of my songs made it on the Madonna record," SIA tweeted. "My ego gently weeps."

Saturday, 12 November 2011 18:32

Martin Solveig: 'It's a demo!'

Written by Giampiero Fiorelli

France DJ and producer Martin Solveig is posting on his Facebook fanpage about TONIGHT Madonna's dance event in collaboration with Smirnoff at Roseland Ballroom in New York. He will be there and playing for an incredible night!


"L*U*V MADONNA. Let's forget about the leak and celebrate a collaboration I'll keep in mind forever. Tonight Roseland Ballroom NYC with the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange project."


Solveig is talking about the leak of Madonna's Give Me All Your Love, which he co-produced. Then, replying to previous comments, he stated that leaked track "is a demo."

Thursday, 10 November 2011 00:55

Madonna's Bang Bang lyrics description

Written by Giampiero Fiorelli

Here are some details on the lyrics of Madonna's "Bang Bang" co-produced with William Orbit for her new album. According to Madonnarama, the track includes themes such as bitter love, temptation, violence and even murder.

Madonna talks about meeting someone at the late show and how it was dangerous to sit so close to the man. She wonders how she ended up with her hand on the barrel of a gun and wants him to pay for the pain he caused. Madonna uses the words "bitch" many times and repeats the words "bang" and "boom" a few times. She talks about losing her mind and metaphorically accuses the guy of buidling her coffin and driving the hearse where her body rests. Madonna talks about keeping her enemies close, never looking back but wonders how he ended up winning. She explains some love stories are just too good to be true, saying sh'’s a fool who's been tricked up and shut down.


In the chorus Madonna admits that she realizes she's more unstable than he is. She says she’s not her brother, lover nor her friend but that it's over now and that he appears like this whole different person, very successful and well adored. Now her reputation is down, her blood is in his dixie cup.


At the end, we wonder if she really shot him, because the song ends with Madonna yelling that she got him and shot him.

Another song from Madonna's forthcoming album is titled Bang Bang, according to It is not the Nancy Sinatra track, but a brand new song Madonna co-wrote and co-produced with William Orbit.

This one is described as a mid-tempo song with a nostalgic mood, an electonic (not dance) pop song featuring a sample synth piano. Bang Bang lyrics are more intimate and dramatic. In this track Madonna sings about a love affair that ends in disaster; fans will see a certain reminiscence of Till Death Do Us Part. Bang Bang could be a perfect closing song for the new album, as was Gone and Easy Ride. In this track we can hear a new Orbit's signature style.

Madonna's manager Guy Oseary answered to some fans questions on Twitter today.

Asked about the name of Madonna's new album, Guy Oseary tweeted that there is "no name for new album yet.. the album is not finished.. it should be done in the next month or so."

Our long-time friend and community member Stella aka Gone_Girl asked him if there is any balland on Madonna's new album. "There is beautiful ballad she wrote for the movie," Guy replied.

Asked about how many tracks are likely to be on Madonna's album, Guy tweeted "not sure how many tracks yet."

Someone asked him about two supposed (but fake) demos sent to Madonna for her new album, "Love on Fire" and "Dirty Liar", and Guy said "I've never heard of those 2 songs."

Asked about the cover of the new album, Guy tweeted "we have not done photos yet.. just working on finishing the album.. almost done."

Prestigious and strick UK music magazine NME posted a very positive review of Madonna's Give Me All Your Love. NME usually influences the sales in the UK.


Yesterday we gave our verdict on the leaked clips of Madonna's new single 'Give Me All Your Love'. Well now the whole thing has been unleashed.
In truth, some people have suggested that it's just a demo at this stage (M.I.A and Nicki Minaj are rumoured to feature on the final version). But to us it sounds just fine as it is.
It starts off non-typically enough with a Nicola Roberts styled "L-U-V MADONNA" cheerleader shout out, before we're zippily lead by co-writer and producer William Orbit in a polished 60s shake down. It's clear he's revisiting his past collaborations with the singer, with shades of 'Beautiful Stranger'and 'Amazing' abounding. There's also an echo of 'Ray Of Light' in the jet powered guitar line on the verse. The whole thing seems to soar effortlessly, especially in the context of her last album, the difficult-to-love 'Hard Candy'.
There have been criticisms that the bouncy lyrics ("Give me all your love/ Let's forget about time and dance the night away" goes the chorus) are neither befitting of the grande dame of disco nor are indicative of the type of lyrics she should be penning at this stage in her career. And I even wrote a blog a few months ago saying that she "needs to draw from the events that have affected her (divorce, adoption)."
Blah, blah, blah, frankly. Because what Madonna's doing in this song is so much more impossibly fun than we could have imagined that all of that talk seems unimportant.
By dodging cookie-cutter Gaga europop sound or the cold urban sound of 'Hard Candy', Madonna sounds like Madonna again, which is a reason to celebrate.

The leak of Madonna's "Give Me All Your Love" is going VIRAL. It's getting very positive reactions among general listeners and Madonna's fans as well, with a few mixed reactions.

Even MTV could not stop from posting a review. As you can read it's very positive!


Earlier today, a few audio snippets of Madonna's "Give Me All Your Love" leaked and it sure didn't take long for the whole track to find its way online. And the verdict around the MTV Newsroom: Thumbs up, Madge. Thumbs WAY up. In fact, one gentlemanly MTV News boss man perhaps said it best: "I like this so much more than I should."

This track falls squarely in Madonna's cannon; it's pure dance pop. It opens with Nicki Minaj cheering, "L-U-V, MADONNA / Y-O-U, you wanna?" before Madonna jumps in with the first verse:


I see you coming and I don’t wanna know your name

L-U-V, Madonna (Nicki)

I see you coming and you’re gonna have to change the game

Y-O-U, You wanna (Nicki)

Would you like to try?

Give me a reason why

Give me all that you got

Maybe you’ll do fine

As long as you don’t lie to me

And pretend to be what you’re not


There is, however, one big surprise – M.I.A. is nowhere to be found on the giddy song, despite rumors that she would appear. In her place, glittery synths, marching band drums, claps and a catchy-as-hell chorus. Actually, the whole thing, start to finish, is undeniably catchy. We already have big plans to listen to it on repeat while spinning around our bedroom in circles. Yeah, it's like that!

The whole "Give Me All Your Love" demo has leaked a few hours ago. heard that the first single from Madonna's forthcoming album was tentatively planned to be released to the radio the first 10 days of January 2012.


But what is it going to happen now that Madonna's "Give Me All Your Love" has leaked? Do we have to expect its radio release to be brought forward?

Monday, 07 November 2011 19:51

Listening Session for Madonna's new album

Written by Giampiero Fiorelli

There are a lot of speculations and doubts regarding a listing session for Madonna's forthcoming album. can confirm that there was INDEED a listening session at the offices of her new record company.

It took place at the beginning of the third decade of last month, before any info regarding the first single "Give Me All Your Love" leaked.


Nine songs have been played and they got a very good reaction. The sound is described as very fresh. As we already reported, the album has nothing to do with "Hard Candy" - fortunately we say!

During the listening session with the label representatives the ballad to be included in the soundtrack of W.E. has been played as well.



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