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Thanks to Kevin Young.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011 16:39

Andrea Riseborough on being directed by Madonna

Written by Giampiero Fiorelli

Andrea Riseborough, who plays Wallis Simpson in W.E., briefly talked with USA Today about working with Madonna, and the actress only had kind words about the director.


"There was a real sense of ease" in working with Madonna.

"We spent seven months making the movie. Of course we know each other. We enjoyed one another's company. I respect her a huge amount," Andrea says.

Los Angeles Times' 24 Frames interviewed Madonna in Toronto early this week. Here are the most important bits.


"I want to be taken seriously as a filmmaker," says Madonna. "I directed Filth and Wisdom to teach myself about filmmaking, and now, with this self-punishing process of being a producer and a writer and a director, I'm taking the next step."

Madonna confessed she had only heard about reviews secondhand and she's tried to remain unbothered by any personal criticism. "I expected people to let me get in the way," she says.


Then Madonna told that for her next cinematic effort she already has "a few ideas kicking around," including a movie she has been developing with Lourdes.

Talking about her daughter, Madonna said that she did her best to have W.E. was ready in time for the fall, so she could spent time in the summer with Lourdes, as her first-born child is now starting high school in New York.


The interviewer used W.E. as an excuse to talk about other topics, like romance and fame.


"When we were young, my sister and I would sit around and say we wanted to marry a cowboy poet. That was the ideal," she says. "And as soon as you have an ideal, the universe conspires to humiliate you. Like you might get that cowboy poet, but they're a raving lunatic."


And finally here is the parallel between Simpson's circumstance and modern celebrity. "We think we know people like Michael Jackson or Martin Luther King or Marilyn Monroe," Madonna says. "And yet most people who aren't in their lives don't know them at all. Even if you read every book about them, you could never know them."
Asked if she would put herself in the same category of people few could ever know, she said, "Yes," then added, "And I don't have the time to get to know everyone."

Wednesday, 14 September 2011 09:41

Madonna's True or Dare Perfume

Written by Giampiero Fiorelli

Reading Jeanne Becker report of her incredible night and dinner with Madonna in Toronto, and other guests tweets, including Flare Editor-in-Chief Lisa Tant, we learn about Madonna's True or Dare perfume.


"Madonna then gave a couple of sample spritzes of her upcoming Truth or Dare perfume, which smells of gardenias," says Jeanne Beker.


"Madonna spritzed her new scent, Truth or Dare, on my wrist. Took it out of her clutch & grabbed my wrist. Gardenia, tuberose, musk," tweeted Lisa Tant. "I told Madonna that her scent smells like the movie - fabulous, sexy & a little violent. She loved that."

On Monday we invited our readers to follow Jeanne Beker tweets as she was at the gala dinner with Madonna and we reported a few of her tweets. Finally, here's her reportage.


"There’s not much that would tear me away from the frenzy of New York fashion week, but an intimate dinner with the original Material Girl in Toronto on Monday night, hosted by the Bay, was just too glamorous an opportunity to pass up," writes Jeanne Beker. "The second I walked into the green room at Roy Thomson Hall and saw Madonna on the big flat-screen, chatting with the media outside on the red carpet, I was smitten.

"She looked gorgeous in a chic black dress with sky-high black ankle-strap stilettos. Her hair was very Veronica Lake and she seemed to be enjoying herself."

"Madonna finally made her entrance. A small group had their photos taken with Madonna by celebrity shooter George Pimentel, and then it was into the theatre for the TIFF premiere of her epic W.E. Madonna watched the film from the balcony with her stars, Andrea Riseborough and Abbie Cornish."

"The movie was a feast of superb costumes, divine classical music and sumptuous sets, and the audience leapt to their feet to give Madonna a standing ovation."


"After the screening, a group headed over to 11 Duncan St., where the U.K.’s Soho House has set up a pop-up for the festival. There were about 40 of us, and we occupied several big wooden tables. I was assigned to Madonna’s table. Just before I took my seat, I told her how amazing I thought the costumes were and commended her on choosing longtime personal stylist Arianne Phillips for the W.E. wardrobe."


"Madonna then gave a couple of sample spritzes of her upcoming Truth or Dare perfume, which smells of gardenias."


"I didn’t get a chance to say much to her — she was busy chatting with a couple of girlfriends and, later, the film’s producer, Harvey Weinstein, who wandered in and sat next to her. The whole time, I couldn’t help being conscious that one of the world’s most iconic superstars was sitting nearby. I tweeted several updates, and felt incredibly privileged to be in the eye of this particular storm. It was surreal."


"Madonna politely said her goodbyes, shook our hands and disappeared into the night, heading back immediately to New York in the private jet."

"When I looked at my BlackBerry to check all the tweets that had come in, dozens of people had sent messages, telling me how thrilled they were to be reading along, how they were living vicariously through me, how they would have given anything to meet Madonna, how lucky I was. It was overwhelming. And suddenly, I felt very blessed to have been able to soak up a little of the stardust that is Madonna, knowing that the journey is always better than the destination."

Despite Madonna was very affable and kind with fans and volunteers in Toronto, she thanked volunteers on her speech before the premiere, signed for fans on the red carpet and signed for a volunteer at the end of the press conference, rumours of Madonna' snubbing volunteeers at the Toronto International Film Festival were rampant. It has been told that volunteers were asked to turn around and avoid contact with Madonna. These FALSE rumours made and still are making several news headlines. Every video, also amateur videos, proves her nice attitude in Toronto.


All this turmoil urged Madonna's spokesperson Liz Rosenberg to deny these false rumours. "Neither Madonna nor her security ever gave instructions for the volunteers to turn away from Madonna," said Liz Rozenberg. "In fact, she was so impressed with the volunteers that she publicly thanked them from the stage for their hard work before the premiere of her film last night which earned a standing ovation. She had a wonderful time at the festival and was especially delighted that she got to spend so much time with her fans in front of the theatre which is a famous tradition at the festival."


Liz Rosenberg also spoke to CP24 about the controversy. She said her team investigated the report immediately, questioning TIFF officials, security people in the building as well as Madonna's own security. All denied giving volunteers the instructions to turn around in Madonna's presence, she said.

"I don't know how it happened or where it came from," she said. "I still haven't found out who did it but Madonna didn't do it." Rosenberg then drafted the press release and asked TIFF officials if they would distribute it at various red carpets this evening. They agreed.

"We are still trying to figure out who and why anyone would ask the volunteers to turn away from Madonna," Rosenberg said. "She has never and would never ask anyone to do that ever."


Thanks to Kevin Young.

There have been a breach in security early yeasterday at the Press Conference of W.E. in Toronto for TIFF Toronto International Film Festival. When Madonna was leaving the press conference, a young woman in a TIFF volunteer T-shirt accosted her for an autograph. Madge obliged, but this young woman was not in fact a TIFF volunteer, and had actually breached security in order to get that vaunted signature.

Watch this CTV report for this and more.



Thanks to Kevin Young.

Watch this funny TV report with two men who interviewed Madonna at the Toronto International Film Festival 2011 wearing traditional kilts.

"Would you like to stroke my sporn for luck?" one of them asks Madonna. "It's like a lucky sporn as well known."

"Are you wearing underwear?" asks ironically Madonna.


Then Madonna reveals that "there is a scene [in W.E.] where Edward worn a kilt" but it was cutted out. "But it will be on the DVD actually so look for it."


Madonna pays homage to her Canadian fans. "I can't tell you what a honour is to be here in Toronto, in Canada, to premiere my film W.E. in North America" says Madonna. "It's truly exciting, as you all know I grew up in Detroit, Michigan, so I feel that I am practically Canadian."

"I've come here through the years of my career with my shows as a singer and entertainment," tells Madonna and then she speaks ironically of when the Canadian police tried to arrest her for the 'masturbation number' in her 1990 Blond Ambition Tour.

"I've always appreciated and felt the warm welcome of Canadians whenever I came here to do my shows. Thank you once again," Madonna goes on. "This is truly and by far the most exciting trip I've made to Canada."


"When I was in Venice, I didn't get the chance to introduce my film or thank anybody," says Madonna. Since some of W.E. cast was in Toronto for the screening gala, Madonna wanted to "say thank you to both Abbie [Cornish] and Andrea [Riseborough], who are so amazing in my movie and it was such a honour to work with them." Madonna also thanked composer Abel Korzeniowski, who also attended the premiere in Toronto, "who did such an amazing score for my movie." Last but not least, she thanked her producer, all the volunteers and the teachers in Toronto.


"Once again... it's so great to be here and I hope you enjoy the movie," says Madonna.


After the W.E. gala dinner in Toronto, Madonna "said her goodnights" and flew back to New York City. It's the Toronto Star's Jeanne Beker to tweet it.


It was a huge success in Toronto. Well done Madonna!


"Madonna + me... She really is the ultimate STAR," writes Jeanne in another tweet. "Very lucky to have basked in her glow."

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